The Museum of Science and Technology celebrated its 33rd birthday

BELGRADE 7th October. The museum of technology and science celebrated its 33rd birthday, and on that occasion certificates of appreciation were presented to individuals and companies with whom this institution successfully cooperates, and Visaris is among them.

Director Zoran Lević presented a certificate of thanks to Visaris General Director Marko Petrovic for successful cooperation and significant contribution to the work of the Museum of Science and Technology and he thanked the guests who “enjoyed his birthday”, and then recalled the history of the museum “The building in which the museum is located today is an important object of industrial heritage. It is about the second thermal power plant in Belgrade, which today houses two exhibitions.”

The Museum of Science and Technology received two important awards this year: one for museum of the year, and the other for project of the year, in cooperation with the Museum of Yugoslavia.

Visaris and the Museum of Science and Technology continue their cooperation in 2022 with new joint projects.