About us


Visaris is a privately owned company founded in 2003 in the field of digital x-ray imaging and diagnostic workflow. We offer a range of digital X-ray systems including digital radiography (DR) consoles and complete DR rooms as well as fully integrated process and diagnostic workflow solutions. We also provide OEM R&D services in the fields of x-ray design, imaging workflow, system control, robotics and image processing.

Our DR and diagnostic and process workflow systems have been on the market since 2004. Since then our products have helped acquire, store and review tens of millions of diagnostic images and diagnostic examinations. Over five hundred of our product installations currently operate in twenty two countries over six continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Australia).


Our highly skilled development and production team have over 15 years of experience and expertise in X-ray systems, efficient user interfaces, embedded systems, real-time design, image processing, medical informatics, electronics, robotics, mechanics and structural engineering.

We aim to lead, not follow, and work tirelessly to create simple and innovative solutions for life’s complicated problems. We want to enable every customer to do more, easier and better than they can today. Since our founding, it has been our strategy to offer the latest technology and highest quality solutions for a fair price. Our greatest desire is to gain the trust and respect of all we work with.


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