Visaris LabIS is a latest generation laboratory management and quality control information system for completely paperless automated laboratory and quality system workflow support. It is intended for the use in diagnostic and process laboratories in a wide range of applications including industrial, chemical, food and beverage, veterinary and medical ones.


Visaris LabIS was developed on the latest web technology platforms that allow significant levels of process automation, quality control and results accountability.


Visaris LabIS is in accordance with the most important international standards governing laboratory practice in a wide range of applications. In fact it is designed from scratch on requirements defined by ISO 17025, ISO 15189, ISO 15489 and ISO 27000 providing full support to laboratories in implementation of such standards.

Apart from a wide spectrum of expert, commercial and admin laboratory functionality support, Visaris LabIS is ergonomic and simple to use and learn.


Its flexible design allows the system to be adapted to the actual needs of every customer from small to large laboratory and quality control organisations. It is real flexibility in structure of implemented solution.


One can choose to use billing support with laboratory examination, to manage documents both of quality control and user provided documents in version control of document management module. If management of material resources is important such module of LabIS will provide full functionality of stock management or calibration status history of laboratory equipment.


Visaris HIS is a hospital information system based on paradigm that any information of any kind could be important to record in patient electronic health record and later queried among any number of such information. This way any hospital or any other medical praxis or organization could use Visaris HIS flexibly enough to cover exact scope of information necessary to record in particular ward. Also if scope if information to be recorded change, easy adding or removing information could be performed on spot. Flexible, isn’t it.


Yes, electronic health record is fully implemented; each medical procedure with all used to perform it could be billed according to price list; data exchange via HL7 or DICOM could be established with specific modules of other information systems in hospital; data integration and security of each patient is pervasive throughout the entire system; do not hesitate to read laboratory results or view radiography image from Visaris LabIS or Visaris RIS – it is accessible.

Web architecture provides system availability in entire hospital without any IT support; you can walk with tablet computer from one to another patient, record data in temperature list or list of drug usage finishing nursing without any further administrative tasks – all could be done on spot.


Visaris HIS implements relevant IT medical standards for hospital information systems. Since Visaris as company is certified according to ISO 13485 international standard for medical device manufacturers Visaris HIS is built like medical device with all requirements of such.