Visaris 360 incorporating an efficient, scalable digital PACS archive, powerful and ergonomic diagnostic radiology workstations and a streamlined and efficient radiology workflow system (RIS) is an integrated suite of radiology workflow tools covering the complete diagnostic process from exam planning and scheduling to diagnostic finding distribution. Offering a high level of automation and seamless integration of all steps and people in the diagnostic process, Visaris 360 will expedite and give you control over your workflow.

Available at a range of scales from efficient, small scale one PC one practice solutions to enterprise hospital wide radiology and diagnostic workflow solutions Visaris 360 suite of radiology tools is ready to grow with your workflow.Weather you are in one or spread over multiple locations, Visaris 360 tools enable you to work seamlessly like you’re sitting next to each other. Proven with over 10 years of clinical practice and installations in over 10 countries using different languages and alphabets spread over three continents Visaris 360 is the right choice for your organisation.

Visaris 360

The heart of your digital radiology

VisarisPACS is a DICOM compliant digital medical imaging archive that provides all digital archiving and communication functionality for a modern, truly digital radiology department. Powerful patient search lets you locate and access data in the archive in a matter of seconds.Retrieve images from a range of imaging modalities using latest communication protocols and display them to perform screen based diagnostics.
Digital DICOM Archive with fully scalable storage and client access
Integrated DICOM communications: Store, Query, Retrieve, Search …
Transfer scheduled exams to modalities directly with DICOM MWL service
Store images reliability with DICOM storage commitment

Access your patient/exam/image databasequickly
Use your resources efficiently with image and automatic storage compression
Know the status of each exam with integrated DICOM MPPS service
Import years of existing images with a few clicks
Manage your PACS easily with powerful admin and service modules
Manage storage space, users, DICOM connections, patient data …
Never lose your data with automated backup


Medical imaging DIGITAL DICOM

Do More With Visaris Diagon Workstation

Perform your diagnostic reading with Visaris Diagon radiology workstation software that seamlessly integrates within any DICOM compliant radiology network. Base it on the hardware of your choice to retrieve your patient data with ease, apply powerful processing and turn your findings into great looking reports with Diagon, active diagnostic workstation:

Multiple high resolution display support (up to 3 monitors and up to 5MP)
Advanced PACS query/retrieve supporting wide range of modalities
Retrieve previous studies automatically and display them side by side
2D still and multi-frame display, processing and manipulation
3D imaging display and processing:MIP, MPR, VRT, MinIP, SSD …
Wide range of interactive image optimisation and processing tools
Process time-frame sequences: frame extraction,replay, loop, pause, advance
Measure, annotate and analyse using a wide range of analytics tools
Receive images from modalities directly to your Diagon workstation
Import non-DICOM images and re-format as DICOM
Dictate or type your reports on custom structured report (SR) templates
Export images or burn them to CD with embedded DICOM viewer
Roaming profile, service and configuration module

Expedite Your Workflow

and Diseminate Your Findings Easily

VisarisRIS is a fully fledged, highly automated RadiologyInformation System that provides efficient electronic support diagnostic radiology workflow. Boasting a high level of automation and powerful analytical tools, Visaris RIS will expedite the diagnostic process and give you a level of control over your work you could not experience in conventional radiology departments. Based on a web (browser) platform, Visaris RIS is easily scalable to help your findings reach those they are intended to quickly and easily.:

Completely manage diagnostic workflow
Enrol patients, create and schedule exams on all your devices
Plan, monitor and direct exam progress– in real time
Access and export results in a variety of forms
Transcribe and verify reports so you can focus on the important
Access images and findings from anywhere in the network
PACS preview: quick non-diagnostic image display and manipulation
Remain in control of you material usage and stock levels
Integrate a CD burning robot for professional looking results
Integrate easily with existing billing systems