BELGRADE, 28 October 2014. Association for Medical Imaging of Serbia (UMI Serbia) is an interdisciplinary association of medical doctors and other professionals dealing with medical imaging in diagnostics and therapy. The Association was founded on 28 October 2014. On 10 November 2014, it was registered in the Serbian Business Registers Agency under the number 8262/2014 and its company number is 28157444.
The UMI Serbia was established in the situation of actual usage of numerous new or technologically advanced diagnostic modalities and in a response of a long-term need for integration of professional and scientific interests of medical doctors of various specialties. The UMI Serbia is an attempt to make a contribution to the concept of “diagnostic imaging” in our region which, in terms of clinical application in theory and practice, has been more and more replacing the limitations of certain diagnostic disciplines (radiology, nuclear medicine, endoscopy, cardiology, surgery, pulmonology, urology, pathology , internal medicine, etc.), while in the part of the therapy procedures, it combines minimal invasive treatments performed under the control of a diagnostic image (interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, endoscopy, and laparoscopy). Clinical unity of these disciplines of medicine in function of continuous technological development offers authentic opportunities for optimal clinical work and application of modern diagnostic and treatment protocols.

Main goals in the operation and organization of UMI Serbia are summarized in its statutory documents.
In addition to the improvement of Serbian medicine in the broadest sense through designing and implementation of joint interdisciplinary projects in various fields of medicine, UMI Serbia intends to offer a reliable support and partnership to individual medical doctors in their professional improvement through contents offered by this association. In that respect, is a great challenge for the founders of the UMI Serbia to continuously offer high quality educational programs to its members, and the opportunity to publish their experience, attend annual Congress, access to information and discussion portal on all topics of interest, and as a special privilege and novelty, young doctors and doctors on postgraduate studies have a venue at their disposal for their daily work and socializing within the premises of the Imaging Club of the UMI Serbia.

UMI Serbia is an association open for cooperation and collaboration with all medical sections and associations in the country and abroad as well as with medical institutions at all healthcare levels. As a legal entity, UMI Serbia has the mechanisms to articulate and protect collective and individual interests of Serbian doctors before institutions and other legal entities of Serbia in the field of healthcare organization, healthcare activities and patients’ rights.

UMI Serbia wishes to contribute to the continuous improvement of the professional community of medical doctors of various specialties and general practitioners for facilitating their better work and satisfaction of patients. We welcome all negative reviews and suggestions towards the prosperity of medical profession in the widest sense.

Association for Medical Imaging of Serbia
Professor Željko Ž. Marković