BELGRADE, 11 November 2010. Visaris is a sponsor of an exceptional concert of two famous musicians, guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski and violinist Stefan Milenkovic. The concert is scheduled for 22 December in Sava Centre, and it certainly promises an exceptional music experience. The common ground of these two famous musicians is in fusion of classical music and the sounds of the Balkans, and, as they point out, their cooperation is a challenge for both of them.

The concert of Vlatko Stefanovski and Stefan Milenkovic is announced as a collaboration of the decade probably because it was hardly imaginable. When Stefan Milenkovic was born, Vlatko Stefanovski was working on the first “Leb i Sol” album. In the meantime, his mix of jazz, rock and Macedonian folklore became globally recognized and he is nowadays known as one of the best Balkan guitarists, while Milenkovic grew up from the wonder-child into a world-renowned violinist and professor at a prestigious American university.

  • For me, it is important to always expand the circle of artists I collaborate with, and from time to time I find myself on a slippery slope and dare myself to try something new, brave, unexpected, risky for myself and my audience. That is why my cooperation with Stefan Milenkovic is a big thing for me. I am a self-taught guitarist and I am privileged to be on the same stage with an artist who took a completely different path. I think we can learn a lot from each other – says Vlatko Stefanovski, for whom this project turned out in the right moment and fully in accordance with his current interest.

Milenkovic, on the other hand, admits that he personally rarely listens to classical music in his free time.

  • When you practice it for hours, you get fed up, and the last thing you want to do when you get home is relax with some classical music. That really puts up the pressure. I do not consider myself a classical violinist, so this is a natural consequence of my personality – reveals Milenkovic, who has not moved much from classics and jazz in his career. However, as Stefanovski notes, unlike many people who are in classical music and stuck with it, Milenkovic has a fascinating sense of rhythm therefore, he will perfectly fit in other genres as well.