Pioneers in Digital Radiology Celebrate Anniversary at the Museum of Science and Technology

Belgrade, March 8, 2024. Visaris, a Balkan leader in digital radiology, organized an expert panel discussion titled “20 Years Since the First Serbian Digital X-ray” on Thursday, March 7, 2024, at the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade.

The expert panel featured local professionals who were instrumental in creating the first Serbian digital X-ray – Digraf C. They also reviewed the two-decade progress of digital radiology in Serbia, as well as the application of artificial intelligence in the field of radiology.

Leading experts from Visaris, engineers, and students of electrical engineering, medicine, and mechanical engineering attended the event.

“The launch of the first digital X-ray in 2004 was just the first step in the ongoing progress and development. Its results now cover 35 countries on 5 continents and 18 time zones, enhancing the daily work of thousands of medical institutions and improving the lives of millions of patients,” said Prof. Dr. Vladimir Petrović, a leading expert in digital image processing and medical image analysis, and director of research and development at Visaris.

A pioneer in digital radiology, Dragan Miletić, stated that the production of digital radiological equipment is one of the few high-tech oases in Serbia. “It’s nice that the Museum has organized an opportunity to present this to the wider public. Furthermore, this was an opportunity to mention and pay tribute to the pioneers of classic X-ray production in Niš. Our shared continuity of 70 years (as the only manufacturers in the Balkans) should be a source of pride for our broader community.”

Nikola Golović, involved in a startup specializing in machine vision and artificial intelligence in product defect detection on the production line, emphasized, “The importance of participation in a multidisciplinary team that managed to develop and introduce the first digital X-ray, at a time when digital technology worldwide was in its infancy and when it was offered by only a few Western manufacturers, some of whom we even surpassed in certain segments. That time will be remembered as the evolution from classic X-ray systems to digital technology, which, in its consequences, is akin to the impact of digital cameras on our daily lives among professionals.”

Current projects at Visaris include research and development of artificial intelligence in collaboration with European universities and partners. Collaboration with the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade has resulted in significant exhibitions dedicated to the development and application of X-ray technology in Serbia.

Visaris is a company that represents the leader of Southeast Europe in the field of digital X-ray diagnostics and diagnostic workflows. It offers various digital X-ray systems, including digital radiography (DR) consoles and complete DR rooms, as well as fully integrated solutions for processes and diagnostic workflows. It also provides OEM research and development services in the areas of X-ray device design, imaging workflow, system control, robotics, and digital image processing. More information about Visaris can be found at: