BELGRADE 20 December 2020. Visaris started a new phase of cooperation and development with its clients and partners in 2020. The newly designed system related to communication and cooperation development represents a step toward outstanding relations that the company has established with its new and old partners and distributors, in a joint mission of raising the level of image diagnostics in all parts of the world. This year’s laureates have actively participated in this most challenging year so far when it comes to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the fight against it. Visaris’ devices, together with devices of other manufacturers, are at the forefront of patient diagnostics. Our distributors played a special role in establishing connections to the many newly created COVID-19 hospitals around the world, and we truly appreciate their efforts. In addition to special thanks to all the partners and distributors for this year, we have singled out the best of 2020 with awards in the following categories.

Awards 2020

  • Starter of the year * Osmi Red * Montenegro
  • Vet promoter of the year *  Valsø A/S * Denmark
  • Sales performer award * Foma Medical * the Czech Republic
  • Partner of the year * Medical Innovation Solutions * Serbia
  • Software partner of the year * First Source * the USA
  • Starter of the year * Apex Medicus * Lithuania