Marko Petrović, CEO VisarisBELGRADE 7th April 2021. The director of Visaris, Marko Petrović, presented the company report and sales results for 2020, as well as the development plan for the period 2021-2026. The director noted that the continued growth of sales of Visaris devices, which has seen a solid increase in recent years, has not been hampered by the global crisis resulting from the impact of the Covid19 pandemic.

Despite global difficulties, the company successfully adapted to the crisis and in addition to regular deliveries, successfully delivered digital X-ray devices to Covid19 hospitals around the world, especially in America, Italy and Serbia.

The new Vision M mobile device proved itself to be an excellent diagnostic tool during the emergent conditions of the global pandemic. He emphasized that the main priority was and remains the safety and health of patients and users. Revenues, expenses and profitability have been at record levels since the company was founded. 216 X-ray devices and over 300 new software licenses were delivered. The team has grown in numbers and the company currently employs 82 people. Investments have been made in the development of new technologies and products (Vision M, Vision Vet, electronics version 3, etc.), as well as in working space, tools and equipment. Education at the individual and collective level, development of teamwork, personal responsibility and direct communication also continue to improve.

The development strategy 2021 – 2026 will respond to all needs and business priorities, with the primary goal being to achieve greater customer satisfaction and product quality. Other goals include: Commitment to the development of functionality, security and reliability. Creating conditions for the realization of the most competitive X-ray device in the world. Organic company growth through direct sales, distributor development and OEM partnerships. Formation of international bases and production. Acquisitions – in the Region, the USA and other territories. Cross holding partnerships, and further investment in marketing as “air” support to partner dealers with a focus on reputation and trust.