Visaris supported the project of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and thus ensured the strengthening of its team.

The President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) Marko Cadez – Marko Petrovic CEO of Visaris – The Minister of Finance of the Government of the Republic of Serbia Sinisa Mali 

BELGRADE 24.09.2020 The Minister of Finance of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Siniša Mali, and the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) Marko Čadež visited the VISARIS company on the occasion of the state program “My first salary”.

During the tour of the factory, the Minister of Finance and the President of the Chamber of Commerce visited the development and production center where they had the opportunity to get acquainted with the production process and employees. They also visited the new educational and exhibit space “Innovation Center”, used for courses, workshops, and expert lectures, with the exhibition area for the latest digital X-rays with the historical development exhibition of the company.

Thanks to the “My First Salary” program, 10,000 young people with secondary and higher education up to the age of 30 have the opportunity to gain their first professional experience. Depending on the level of education, the state granted monthly monetary compensation totaling 20,000 or 24,000 dinars. The registration of employers for participation in the program “My First Salary” lasts until Friday, September 25, 2020, and the registration of applicants will be possible on the portal from October 1 to 15, 2020.

“The whole project” My first salary “was created by thinking not only how to employ but also to introduce the youth to the professional world in the best possible way,” said Marko Cadez, the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC ). He reminded that the company Visaris proved to be a great friend in difficult times when in the first blows of the COVID 19 pandemic, it enabled the rapid distribution of mobile digital X-ray Vision M.

The Minister of finance Sinisa Mali said that the “My First Salary” program is aimed at young people who have finished high school and college and do not have a job.

“The director of the company Visaris, Mr. Marko Petrovic, told me that he will invest nine months of work in young people who will get a chance for their first work experience within this program, and if their work performance turns satisfactory, they will get a job. We will allocate two billion dinars from the budget for this purpose. I invite companies in Serbia to apply for participation in this program, “said Minister of Finance Siniša Mali.

“Visaris will always support projects such as‘ My first salary ’, primarily because we believe it helps small startups like we used to, and today it allows us to hire more people than we planned, said Marko Petrovic. CEO of Visaris. He added that all young people, who come to that company and apply for a job, will go through a quality training program that they can get in only a dozen places in the world. Their lecturers will be experienced scientists and researchers who are the world’s pioneers in digital signal processing and digital X-ray technology.

“Within the program ‘My first salary’, we applied for eleven new candidates from the mechanical and electrical engineering background, the best of whom will work on projects for the development of artificial intelligence and 3D imaging in our development center and have the opportunity to cooperate with prestigious universities from around the world and Serbia”, said Mr.Petrovic and added that the trainees will have the opportunity to travel the world because this company operates from Australia to America, and the largest markets are the European Union and Switzerland.”